Wiimote breaks 60″ tv already? Not a good sign

Remember all those stupid thoughts we had when Nintendo’s motion sensing wiimot was announced about it slipping out of our hands during our vigirous gaming… and then nintendo said “not to worry theirs a wrist strap” … seems someone forgot, its never a good idea to trust a 2000-10000$ television to a 3 cent strap everytime ones palms are sweaty.

It’s a day or so after the launch of the wii and we have our first report of a DISASTER! The wrist strap didnt slip off… nope it broke! Flying out of the persons hand smashing his 60″ tv.

And this is only a day or 2 after the launch with a brand new strap, i mean really if it’s happened already im kind of worried what this means for 2-3 month old hell year old straps swinging at our expensive tv’s on a daily basis… it’s just seeming more risky then ever. especially since with the wii and its pointing capability also we’re kind of forced to do our menuvers towards our tv’s and the solution isn’t “do the motions softer” because the commercials show excitement and throwing it around, if we can’t get into the motions whats the sense of having motion sensing if you can’t get into it?

Source: SomethingAwful Forum ( images at source)

Update: Someone on their forum pointed out this has happened to IGn as well but luckily theirs flew and hit a wall not an expensive TV screen, god if this happens to someones high end plasma nintendos gonna have major issues. IGN’s issue

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