Bluray gets a nasty BetaMax Flashback

Sony just can’t catch a break, but then again it’s hard to catch a break when you keep repeatedly shooting yourself in the frigging foot. Remember waaaayyy back when betamax was competing with VHS, the last format war? Well it was pretty unanimous that what was the final nail in the coffin to betamax, the technically supperior product, was a decisision by an unlikely group… The PORN INDUSTRY, to support VHS. Well it’s happened, reports out of the Adult Entertainment Expo are that due to sony’s tight licensing and restrictions on bluray the Porn Industry has decided to put its nearly 20 billion dollar industry behind HDDVD, ok perhaps not the entire industry but the point is that many of the main studios are going to be releaseing on HDDVD not bluray.

“Apparently, the founder of Digital Playground (one of the larger studios, supposedly, we wouldn’t know, obviously…) told a German magazine that he originally planned to go with Blu-ray as the discs are larger, but manufacturers wouldn’t accept the content, citing fears that Sony would cancel the production license of anyone who produced pornographic content.”

Did sony just make the same fatal mistake that lost them the last war AGAIN??? It sure seems so! Many sony supporters however are saying that porn isn’t as big a deciding factor anymore since the advent of the internet, but by last estimates the Porn industry generates 15-20 billion in sales, thats not chump change, and a large majority of consumers rather physical media its a fact.

Source: PCAuthority

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One Response to Bluray gets a nasty BetaMax Flashback

  1. GULOS says:

    Sony is not learning from mistakes. Surely the porn industry is a main factor for the format battle; more than people are ready to admit (puritans). What’s happening w/ porn should be another blow to the Blu-ray format. So… you CAN’T play hd porn w/ the Ps3 but you CAN w/ the HDDVD add-on for the 360. Oh yea! The 360 is the real ultimate multi-media player!! — Surprising to see a japanese company that can’t play hd porn when in its own country cartoons are all about sex, even for the youngsters. — I don’t understand the guy who planned to go w/ the Blu-ray b/c of the space into the disc. There is plenty of room in a HDDVD for a 1:30 hour movie. What is he talking about? Another one who believed all what Sony said… Moron!