Microsoft has a merry Xbox360 Christmas Apparently

According to NPD, microsofts estimates of a very strong christmas were well seated, with new competition from both sony and nintendo, microsoft managed to sell 2 million consoles in the USA between november and december 25th, topping nintendos Wii at 1.8 million and sony’s 750,000 ps3’s.

While many sites are saying this might have to be due with shortages, i fear to remind people that during the week or 2 before christmas many sites were reporting ps3’s sitting on shelves or even being returned by scalpers after not being able to sell them on ebay for a profit.

Yes nintendo was more directly in short supply, and its expected given the cut throught pricing.

In the end its just great to know the 360 is still selling like hotcakes, even with no price cut this year.

NPD says they will be releaseing more detailed and complete figures later this month.

Source: News4Gamers

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