Yahoo Vista, what WPF is all about!

You know, even to date Yahoo Messenger crushes WLM in terms of looks and atractive stuff like themes, but with the advent of Vista and WPF i was sure this time maybe Microsoft would take their own technology that they developed in house and come out in the early lead messenger wise. But from some recent CES images and videos of the new Yahoo Messenger for Vista (no release date set yet) it just draws a line in the sand seperating Yahoo and WLM even more, to the point it makes WLM8.1 look like a extremely old 1990’s nokia vs Yahoo’s hotrod iphone in terms of quality and attractiveness. Don’t believe me? Check out the Soapbox video below as well as some screenshots, and then send a email to your nearest WLM teammember at microsoft and begin to complain! HEHE

Source: TheWPFBlog

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