It’s not a home office till you have the right chair!

Well i just found the chair to make my home into the wonderful home office i’ve sooo wanted it to be. I’ve been sitting on the floor for the last 3 months in front of a small table. Well not anymore if I have anything to do about it after a little bit of hunting i’ve found what i believe to be the perfect computer chair. Well it’s not exactly just a chair :)

It’s the Personal Computing Environment! Yes that’s it to the left their, yes its drastically overkill. But you know what for someone like me that sits on a computer nearly 24/7 it’s something thats no laughing matter. A comfortable posture and hand positioning and some great lumbar support is exactly whats needed and exactly what the PCE offers.

But theirs and issue… THE DARN THING ISNT OUT YET! According to their site the PCE will be available come second quarter 2007. And considering they dont overkill the price its something i’m heavily considering buying. I mean with a good chair, places for my dual monitors and the rest of my pc components and surround sound. Can it really get any better?

Source: MyPCE

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