Making blogging worthwhile, and profitable

My entire take on blogging has had several large shifts in the past i originally didn’t advertise, then I was doing adsense, now lately i’ve started doing sponsored reviews. But the more i have tried i’ve realized the more a great strategy is required to keep my blog functioning properly, while i know trying to keep advertising to a minimum is important, it goes well beyond that and thanks to an article from one of my sponsored sites. It’s a great article that basically goes over the big points of making a blog work. You see theirs one thing to blogging and having a few people wander of your site, but theirs something else entirely to making a blog that people bookmark and want to come visit daily. They break it down into The fundamentals, building your Audience, but the most important tips are on keeping your audience. You see while initial design, and getting someone to take a peak at your blog can be easy and you can even get away with on flukes of design, or by accident. Keeping people coming back requires actual effort and the tips they suggest really do give you some insight into why it is some blogs are complete failures and some others manage to be amazing successes, such as some joe-shmoes blogspot vs say… engadget, their both just blogs i’m sure joe’s blog isnt the one techies stop at multiple times a day :)

Their is one suggestion not on the page that i’d like to add though, Don’t lie. Don’t ever lie not to create drama and drum up traffic, While controversy does indeed bring walls of traffic to your site. A lie could easily kill your readership, once people feel lied to, or loose their trust in your blogging you can’t make back that trust, not in a world where theirs a billion other blogs ready to take your place in their aggregators.

Source: 27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience (Sponsored Post)

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