Make regular USB2.0 into Wireless USB all via 802.11g

Icron’s WiRanger USB hub looks like a normal USB hub except for the wireless antenna that connects it to the USB receiver which hooks into your PC. Ok so it doesn’t look like a regular hub that much, it looks like 2 little wireless routers but instead of ethernet ports their’s usb ports. So that performance isn’t too bad the WiRanger uses 802.11g, Beyond that it works exactly the same as any other USB extender hub.

The point of the whole wireless USB? basically its designed for being used with USB printers and maybe cameras, it might work for hard drives but i would really really not suggest it i mean harddrive access over 802.11g? Personally i think they should have gone 802.11a/b/g but that’s just me.

Source: Everything USB

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