Computer geeks best friend, a calorie counter :)

One of the worst things of being a technician is that I sit constantly, and im not active at all. The other really bad things that adds to that is the fact i drink alot of coke, probably 6-7 cans a day go figure. Well recently i decided I really needed to start loosing weight, first step was a decent calorie counter you see those sodas apparently add up and their a lot higher in calories than most computer geeks realize as we take our daily caffeine fix. Whats better is that I finally found a free calorie counter so i wouldn’t get stuck waisting money.

Ever since starting calorie counting I really have started to change the way I eat and control my drinking of caffiene drings. One of the most important changes is while i can’t give up coke, i have started drinking more coke zero’s and diet cokes. Really helps to cut down on the total calories i’m taking in daily. If you sit down alot and don’t often get all the working out that you need. Or if your drinking a lot of energy drinks and sodas, you really might want to start calorie counting and see just how bad your doing ;)

Source: MyFitnessPal / Inhouse

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