Finally a cure for sweaty butt syndrome, self cooling cushions!

coolseat_cushionOk I don’t know about the rest of you but at work even with the Air conditioning on you know how your butt tends to get a bit hot after a few hours of sitting in one space, well apparently a company decided this was a problem really that needed to get solved, and just to make things better they did it completely passively without the need for any electric requirements like a hot/cold controlled seat.

While it may seem that this is some form of magically promise kind of like the fatigue relieving miracles that no one really expects to actually work, the makers claim the secret is completely scientific, it utilizes an unnamed natural mineral crystal inside with a melting point that “produces a slow soothing cooling”.

For $49.95 it might be worth checking out even if just to see what’s inside it, this miracle chemical that apparently works better than a bottle of ice cubes, even if it doesn’t make your discount home theater seating into top of the line movie seats :). It should be noted that they say that you should stop using the cushion before all the minerals inside are in the melted state, and then wait for it to solidify again, the question I suppose is how long does it take for the minerals to melt, and how long for them to resolidify? They don’t say and only then can we really tell if its as cool as it seems.

Source: UberGizmo

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