Technology evolves and so does cosmetic surgery

I’m a chubby guy, and a few years ago I started looking at options. Personally I was lucky enough that working out and insane diets actually paid off but for a vast majority of people this isn’t enough and they feel bad about how they look. Well Los Angeles tummy tuck seems to be the thing of this year from all current markets. Though it kind of figures doesn’t it one of the cities known for its stunning nearly never faulted celebrities would be the place to go for a tummy tuck. Beverly Hills tummy tuck locales also have sprung up over the past several years expanding to cover just about every persons needs.

Its quite interesting to watch the news and research that has gone into techniques such as the tummy tuck in Los Angeles in recent years that have allowed for faster recovery times and all around better results in the end. As anti-inflammatory and more advanced techniques keep evolving people are seeing surgery like tummy tucks done with astonishing accuracy. But the question I ask is with the new robotic surgery’s reaching into the battlefields right now how long will it before we see that technology in a cosmetic studio in the US. Could you imagine walking down rodeo drive into a parlor and having a extremely precise tummy tuck performed completely by robotic arms so that incisions are exactly the needed dimensions and never a tremble or unnecessary cut.

I continually watch as things have evolved in California, it’s kind of ironic though. We watch California not only because they always seem to be at the forefront of environmental movements, but also in the advances that are being made to benefit those undergoing cosmetic surgery. I’ll be amazed to see what the doctors in LA are accomplishing when I turn 40-45 perhaps by that point we won’t even have to worry with cutting our skin to get cosmetic surgery, especially at the rate things are progressing, I mean we’ve come so far in the last 2-4 years, I can’t imagine 20 years down the road.

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