Paramagnetic paint, your car doesn’t have to be 1 color anymore!

Ok guys now i’m a definite car guy, i’ve always wanted my car to be completely tricked out and theirs some things i’ve always thought should be done eventually one of those is ElectroChromatic glass for the windows so you can adjust the tint via amn electrical dial for the windows. Now while that technology already exists it’s just not in the car field for some reason, only perhaps in government buildings and some luxury homes if the owners really got the cash. My second thing I always wanted was from the TV show “Viper” you see not only did the car transform which we’ll probably never see, but what it did do that apparently will be coming to market soon is Paramagnetic paint.

The new paint comes from the same company that designed the self-healing paint idea you know, Nissan those crazy car makers. The paramagnetic concoction will allow for motorists to change the color of their vehicle with the press of a simple button. The secret is a “special polymer containing paramagnetic iron oxide particles” which is applied to the car’s exterior. An electric current is applied and then adjusts the spacing of small crystals within the iron oxide particles therefore changing their ability to reflect light and change the color of the material.

What this basically works out to is that the vehicles sporting the new paint could be able to rock off a standard default color when switched off and then your imagination could go wild as soon as you turn on the ignition. BUT HERES THE GOOD NEWS, Nissan says that the technology is not only sound but ready to go, which they say could easily hit the market in around 2010.

Now if you couple this with some electrochromatic glass and you have an orgasm on wheels if you ask me.

Source: Autoblog

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