WiFi router goes long distance, right when you though 1km was far

UPDATED June 15, 2009: Oh how times have changed, and the long distance router this article was originally written for is no longer available, but I still get the occassional email regarding it and asking where a consumer can get a extreme range we’ll I decided it was about time I came back and touched on the article and updated everyone after a bit of hunting.

And low and behold I’ve found something for my dear visitors, a 1000mw (1 Watt) router, that’s even better than the one I originally discussed below It’s the ¬†1W 4L 11G Wireless Mimo Router, it’s by CP technology and it’s actually cheaper than the original one coming in at only $45 from Amazon. And it’s sure to push similar if not further range than the previously reviewed router due to the fact it supports 802.11n and has 3 antennas for full MIMO long distance router performance.

Currently Outdated: Well you might recall me discussing a sexy little router last week that was boasting standard distances of 1000ft, a definite step up from some of the little dlinks sitting in most peoples homes. Well lets just say that that router limit has been broken now as well, we now have a desktop router with standard rubber duck antennas doing 1/4th of a mile which comes out to 1320 feet.

The new router boasts the high distance because it’s maxing out it’s output power at the current FCC limit of 30dBm from the internal radio. The Extreme Range WiFi Router¬† also sports the normal goodies including 802.11b/g, WEP, WPA2, WPA-Enterprise as well as Wireless Repeater Mode. So this isn’t some little piece of wall art, no this is a bad a$$ piece of hardware packing both security and power in one packet.

That last little tidbit is quite cool because it can allow you to buy a sexier router for your standard inhome use say one of those sexy new OLED display style routers. Then you can put the Extreme Range router in repeater mode somewhere obscure like in an upstairs window so you can get to your home network from down the block at a friends house. The only negative as i see it is that the router doesn’t come cheap in the least clocking in at $284.00 which may be beond the realm of possibilities especially with some people complaining that a dlink cost’s 60$ in some stores. But hey, power and range cost money apparently.

Source: ThinkGeek (No Longer Available)

New Product Source: 1W 4L 11G Wireless Mimo Router at Amazon

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