For the medical doctor in my family ;)

Ok this goes out to my namesake back in the USA, he’s getting ready to study to become a medical assistant. Having no concept of the whole field of medical assistant careers available out their I decided to do a bit of research to see if I could help ease his transition into his new field of study as he goes into training. As usual I hit up my good ol’ pal Google for some quick searching and hunting and came up with a fair bit of information on the entire field.

medassistbigimg Things like what to expect from the classes and entering the field after the training is complete, something that I think he completely ignored in his search through the various medical assistant programs that he had brochures from. Most people seem to forget that you really have to look beyond the actual training or college to after that. I recall in school kids all trying to determine what they wanted to do to go to college for, but none really seemed to think about after college. You see for some odd reason people have this notion that if you study for something you will automatically fall into a job in the field.

The trick isn’t looking through and deciding on which of the medical assistant training programs will best teach you your skill. Well it party is the goal, but the trick to it is finding the right one that will actually guide you beyond the training into actually getting job placement into the same field. I mean what’s the sense in being a medical assistant if your not working as a medical assistant? So this post goes out to Chris, as a reminder that as he’s doing his hunting, the Internet’s a big place and you really need to take your time and think about just the next few years, especially when your trying to lock yourself into a career for life.

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