Nanotube-infused synthetic skin, it’s like the time Data from star trek could feel!

It seems theirs nothing in science fiction that doesn’t eventually come to life. Sometimes the order of the events aren’t the same but the fact is they eventually will all happen. We don’t have our shields or warp drive yet, or even  decent android. But it seems that the skin that data once got grafted onto his arm and let him feel the crazy Borg chicks breath on the hairs may actual become a reality in the coming years for those with prosthetic limbs.

The pentagon has been backing researchers that are in the process of “creating patches of synthetic skin that will eventually provide direct feedback to the brain”. The skin itself is made of a rubbery polymer called polyimide and is then infused with carbon nanotubes (is their anything nanotubes can’t do? First enabling Spiderman like climbing suits now this). The researchers have stated that the skin should be ready for artificial limbs as early as 2010, which I might remind you guys is only 2 years away!

At the rate of progression that artificial limbs are moving I wonder how long it will be until people (soldiers perhaps) are opting to upgrade their body, I mean sure they have to get the texture of the skin right, and maybe some fake hair or something, but once that’s done and the skins perfected who wouldn’t a bionic arm that’s stronger, faster and does everything better than a normal arm. I say 2020, but hey that’s just my guess, but lets not forget they’ve already been testing the skin prototypes, and the thought controlled prosthetics, 12 years is a long time especially in this day and age. I love breakthroughs that go beyond just the average small business phone systems that gets a new LCD, we’re talking a cutting edge research that goes into making things we never thought would go beyond science fiction and TV into something we eventually will see in our everyday real lives.

Source: Wired

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