The online casino as I see it

Yes I do play games beyond just the average blackjack and backgammon beyond what you may believe from my history of posting in concern to my online games. I find quite a bit of the older style vegas casino games fun. The odd thing is being a programmer I think I’m more cautious of where I play because i realize easy it would be for an online casino programmer to tilt the favor of games like the slot machines in his favor. I mean yes the good casinos have accreditations that they don’t do naughty things but then again as I said being a programmer I know how easy it is to make a change while no ones looking. But for the most part it seems that the online sites seem to play pretty fair I’ve had my share of good wins as well as losses, as with real world casinos some sites just like some real casinos tend to give me a bit of good luck while others really hate me.

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