3 million Euro’s up in online jackpots and climbing

joylandcasinogames You know it’s quite amazing when I see what kinds of cash online casinos are giving away like the Joyland online casinos that is giving away 25$ to every new member. But as far as bonuses go in the world of virtual casinos  I really must admit that Joyland has one of the more impressive of bonus plans, with bonuses as high as 850 $/€/£.

I’m quite impressed with the quality of the site as it was quicker than some of the other casino sites that I’ve had experience with in the past. When your playing casino games with real money the fact that the games respond when you tell them to do something instantly is quite important. The website itself is a general casino style layout, you’ve probably seen them before, but Joyland’s games themselves get the job done quite nicely and as I said when I played their wasn’t a hit of that nasty Web 2.0 lag we sometime see.

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