Sony brags about PS3 beating the 360 in Jan… but misses a number

It seems Sony likes playing number games but then leaves out some of the biggest most important numbers just because it doesn’t fit with their headlines and you know Sony they just want their fanboys to get out their bic pens and start righting on every paper and board about how awesome their products are and how their going to win the war because of this one month. Sony claimed victory when they beat out Microsoft this month in US hardware sales, a whopping 269,000 to 230,000 units.

But here’s where the issues start, you see with the announcement of HDDVD’s failure and the PS3 being a solid Bluray player, that boosted sales. Add to that for the last 3 weeks it’s been nearly impossible to find the Xbox360 in many US locations due to a known shortage from the Microsoft supply channels that has choked off sales.

While all of this explains the reason Microsoft slipped to third in hardware sales, theirs something even worse for Sony’s headlines. The fact that Microsoft took in more money from the 360 than the Wii and the ps3. You see Sony sold more units, but considering Microsoft’s console is cheaper and brought in more cash that means that the 360 is actually the success for January even beating out the Wii.

But beyond just having won by being first in the amount of cash they brought in, they also have opened up the lead wider between the Wii and PS3 vs the 360.

Source: TGDaily/Inhouse

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