Wii get’s another peripheral… well sort of

The Wii does get some interesting addon peripherals like the WiiFit, but I’ve noticed a trend of addon’s coming out that are about as useful as a colon cleanse for a teenager. I mean with wireless Nunchuks and third party controllers for the Wii already out, do we really need to have Nyko’s new addon for the existing wired controllers to make the existing controllers wireless from each other.


But that begs the question do we really need the controllers to be wireless in the first place and burn through batteries even faster? Beyond the fact that the new Nyko Wireless Nunchuk adapter basically takes the concept of a sexier third party wireless Nunchuk such as Nyko’s own replacement adapter that’s quite sexy looking, and instead adds a bunch of crap onto the existing remotes. While at the same time charging you a full 20$ for the privilege of not having the remote tied together, and considering how long the Nunchuk cable is I still don’t see the reason for such a move.

With all this wireless and flip flopping and motioning going on, I wonder how long it will be until we see 2 holes in a plasma one from each piece now that some stupid kid will be able to freely swing both arms around without and cables getting in the way of his insane fun.

Source: Gizmodo

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