1TB flash thumb drives on the horizon, Array-Based Flash the key?

3-21-08-nanochip SSD is ridiculously expensive, and flash is getting bigger but come on a 16gb flash thumb drive is still quite expensive. The chances of us seeing 500gb or 1tb flash drives like that in our life time for cheap is impossible, or is it? Apparently It just might be as a company by the name of Nanochip has a design for a new type of memory flash chip that would make 1TB chips possible quite soon, ok you won’t find it on directbuy next year but their best estimate is within 10 years, possibly sooner considering how fast as technology is evolving lately.

The technology known as a MEMS-based Advanced Memory Device, is built around the concept that is currently having it’s first working samples produced within the next year. The initial prototypes are set to have about the same space as current NAND flash chips in the tens of gigabytes per circuit, the plan allows for them to rapidly scale up to 100s of gigabytes and finally to the coveted 1TB on a single chip.

What’s even better though is the fact that the system use conventional fabrication methods and isn’t restricted by some of the traditional manufacturing constraints that plague traditional flash it has the potential to very quickly become cheaper per gigabyte than standard NAND flash chips. This isn’t some no name company either, Nanochip has had this new technology in development for around 12 years with some big companies backing it including Intel. The potential is astounding with the concept opening up the possibility for cheaper bigger and pretty much all around better USB keys, SSD drives, and even enterprise servers. You name it this technology has a chance to change it. 1tb iPhones for 399$ for 2015 :)?

Source: Slashdot

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