How do they give away …

rushmorecasino I just don’t get it as most of my visitors know I play a bit of online gaming, the latest is the online casino rushmore it drew my interest like some others not for unique games. I mean most casinos even the ones you visit in person are pretty much the same games. But once again it’s a casino that’s offering up to 888$ matching bonus for new members.

My question is how do they manage to match that much money, I mean i know in casino games the odds are stacked against the player even in games like roulette where their are some pretty strong strategies. But still to match almost a thousand dollars seems un sustainable, yet more and more casinos are offering matching bonuses from 500$ all the way up to 1000$. What’s funny is that as far as i checked the blackjack rushmore offers is about the same as what is offered by a casino that I can go to locally here in the Caribbean, yet with rushmore I get a massive deposit bonus.

So why would I go to a local real casino if online casinos and gaming spots hell even betfair offers big time matching bonuses and incentives to join their casino. Also online your not restricted to only one either so you can take advantage of the incentives at multiple sites… I mean yes, a sit down casino might have the atmosphere (though I kind of prefer my 47″ LCD), oh and don’t forget the real casinos give you free drinks… but that is no where near the same as an 888$ Matching incentive! Maybe that’s the reason that the US is stopping Credit cards and Paypal from working with online casinos from US accounts… their afraid it will eat into all that cash they make in Las Vegas.

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