Ben Heck strikes again, the PS3 laptop sees the light of day.

ps3-laptop-video-topMany of you might remember Ben Heck, the master of game hardware modifications. He was best known, at least to me for his Xbox360 Laptop, the very sleek and sexy. Well as is the case with many modders their not normally brand loyal, and this time it holds true with Ben Heck releasing the first images and video footage of his Playstation 3 Laptop.

Like the Playstation 3 itself the Laptop comes in the shiny black case with metal trip to make it… well… playstationish. It’s kind of funny when you think of it, these laptops from Ben Heck may be the only laptops in history that once you get them don’t beg for some more laptop memory, no their perfect out of the box, including keyboard and screen, and the standard PS3/360 goodies.

The PS3 laptop looks a good bit thicker than the Xbox360 Laptop I’m not specifically why… but on the bright side the PS3 laptop doesn’t have to deal with the 360 power brick so that’s a definite plus. Ben really did a great job sticking each laptop to the console it was derived from, i mean the sexy lettering and the finish alone can tell you what it is from a mile away.  Here’s the even better news, the PS3 laptop much like the 360 Laptop is going up for auction with every penny going to a worthy cause. Considering theirs only 1 PS3 laptop in existence currently, it’s definitly worth a look.

Source: Engadget

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