Clinton… The Joker… Just a little scary

You know congratulations on the win Hilary, but you’ve really got to stop smiling like your insane. I’m serious look at the picture had she tilted her head down just an inch she would have been a dead lock for The Joker. Not exactly a character I want as president ;)

She won Pennsylvania, but you know what shes ignoring, she had almost a 30-40% lead before the Ohio primary and even bigger before that… Barrack managed to lower the deficite to 10% in 5 weeks (he went on vacation for 1 as i recall to get away from all the attacks). All the while he was also fighting off her constant character assassination attempts on him. Not to mention the lies shes been telling like that whole Bosnia fiasco that she lied straight out about, and the story about the poor pregnant woman in Ohio that supposedly died.

I give barrack credit, credit for making inroads into many of Hilary’s key demographics and strengthening his own in what many have said in the past was a “state custom bred for Hillary Clinton”, from 30-40% down to a 10% loss and shes hearlding that as some kind of “win” and the “american people saying who they want” ya… it shows that 20-30% of people dropped her and went to obama in the last 5 weeks.

and one last thing to say… goBAMA!

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