Sony’s Playstation home, looking great, but delayed!

thumb463x_pshome As you can see from this and pretty much every image and video that has been posted on the subject of Playstation Home, it definitly is a sexy new feature for the Playstation 3, not quite something I’d deem a system seller, it’s not going to drive console sales through the roof but it’s definitly unique.

Many have said its something Sony is trying to give Playstation users as a distraction from the fact that their aren’t enough games, or differences from their competitors games to really warrant the higher price and craziness caused by the Sixaxis vs Dualshock 3. But it looks like Sony’s “Second Life that doesn’t suck” will have people waiting longer than was first expected. Sony has announced that they will be growing the beta of the service in Summer 2008, but that a open beta of the service won’t be available until well into Fall 2008 with a final version to come some time after that, no real expectations if the world will grow for those betas or stay the current size, maybe they’ll add the Outer Banks with lodges on a river or something. The fact of the matter is for Playstation users not in the beta, theirs only a trickle of real video or hints at features, and while features sound cool on paper in practice sometimes they aren’t so cool. Vista’s glass interface sounded amazing on paper, but when it came to practice … it was… ok, and many people still prefer the old opaque and even 2000 styling.

What’s also interesting to remember is that it’s said that Microsoft has had something in the works behind closed doors for release on the Xbox360 to combat the PSHome release, theirs no word if its a direct competitor or just a cool feature. But it seems that as it stands currently each console will have something, Wii with its motion controller, PS3 with PShome (give me a break bluray and the sixaxis are not selling points as a game console their gimmicks), and 360 has Xbox Live Multiplayer (which I’m sorry crushes the PS3’s online and the Wii by large amounts)

Source: Engadget

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