Qmotions bringing Xbox360 skate controller to market

5-01-08-xboards Qmotions a company known for it’s original skate controller (seen to the left) plans to bring something that will make the skateboarder inside everyone smile a bit. No matter if your wearing the latest sk8ter kicks or just some random vegan shoes, you’ll be tearing it up on the new Qmotions WIRELESS skateboard controller. Yes you read that correctly. Microsoft has bestowed Qmotions with the beloved Certified Xbox360 Wireless ability. Something that they have been known in the past to be pretty darn tight on especially after the rock band fiasco.

They haven’t released anything really, no pictures of the new wireless unit or pricing data. But what they have said is that the game will be compatible with “skateboard games currently on the market” so that sounds to me like Skate an Tony Hawk will work just gravy, and considering Microsoft’s “Certified Wireless” accreditation that Qmotions got, it looks like the controller might be pretty wicked.

It’s an interesting move, WiiFit comes out to mixed reviews, and now a third part is releasing a wireless skateboard for the 360… hmm, I wonder if we’ll see more of these, targeted controllers coming out for our beloved 360.

Source: Engadget

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