Online casinos that allows US players, uh say what?

Ok one of the things I’ve found extremely annoying lately since I started gaming online is the fact that since my accounts are mostly US based it’s nearly impossible to fund the Online casinos with funds. As their is that huge ban on online gambling in the US even though I’m technically in the US and most of the Casinos online today aren’t based in the US either just the sheer fact of having the cash in the US makes it a problem to deal with.

The fact that traditionally USA players are frowned upon at most casinos it’s a bit odd to see a site like US Players Welcome that was actually advertising USA online casinos. Ya theirs still restrictions when it comes to the specific states but it’s an interesting bit of news for me since my accounts are in a state that is allowed according to the site. Anyway’s I’ll keep this short the fact is it’s a interesting bit of news for the online gamblers that are from the US… the only time it really sucks to be from the US actually lol.

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