87% of PS3 owners watching BluRay movies… but how many are playing games?

ps3-godfather-blu This is interesting, in a recent report from the Entertainment Merchant’s Association, their 2008 Annual Report on Home Entertainment Industry has shown some interesting numbers regarding usage of Blu-ray on the Playstation 3. As you might recall the Playstation 3 has been the cheapest Blu-ray player for quite some time. In fact from day 1 it has been the proverbial Discount Blu-ray plus gaming device. This recent report shows that 87% of all Playstation 3 owners use their device for Movie viewing. Which sort of backs up the whole “PS3 is more video player than game machine”.

This news from the report is probably music to Sony’s ears considering it’s a stark difference from the NPD survey last year that showed only 60% of owners knew that the PS3 even had a Blu-ray drive or what it was. This all may in the end be a moot point because even Sony has admitted that most people will stay with DVD and Bluray will not see the adoption that DVD saw from VHS because most people are content with DVD quality even on their HighDef televisions as one recent survey showed that 22% of owners think their watching HD content even when it isn’t. And with Toshiba offering to “surpass even Bluray’s quality” with their upcoming Super-UpConverting DVD Technology they might make it a moot point for Blu-ray as a Movie platform.

The real question I have is how many of those Playstation owners own more than 1 game, or even use the PS3 as a gaming console vs the other consoles. I can almost guarantee the difference is vast. But any Sony sponsored review of that would be about as believable as those diet pill reviews that we all know mean just about squat. But regardless it would be interesting considering the forums during the launch were a wash of people in Audio/Visual getting PS3’s for the cheapest route to HighDef and not for the gaming functionality. While the 360 might have the great media extender and functions. At heart it’s first a game console then a media hub. Sony has since day one been the opposite.

Source: Engadget

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