Penguin United offers Wiimote charging station for a family of wiimotes

7-30-08-pu_quad-charger Well it was bound to happen I mean realistically who want’s to have to fight with 4 separate wiimote charging stations to get all those darn remotes charged after a long night of wii bowling with the family. Well it looks like the guys from Penguin United have something in store for all the teenage nintendo fans out their that they might enjoy a bit more than acne scars cream that they asked their mom to pick up from walmart. I mean who doesn’t need a new gadget that replaces 4?

Well to be completely honest this isn’t the first quad charger as Nintendo already licensed their own but then again we all know first party tends to be a bit more expensive than average. Beyond the awesome name alone, ok Wiinited might have been cooler but it also utlizes Li-ion batteries that promise 13 full hours of playtime from each Wiimote. On top of that is a great ratio on charge vs rundown time taking only 4 hours for a complete charge. What makes things even better even if you ignore the pretty charging lights for each Wiimote, no the best news is the fact that it’s $44.99 for the entire set.

Source: IGN

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