Xbox360 Fall Update “confirmed” for Nov 08

xbox360fallupdatenov08 Well my acne challenged friends out their theirs some awesome Xbox360 news. Ok sorry about the acne crack Just playing with you. But their is definitely some great news when it comes to the Xbox360’s new Dashboard update that’s going to be bringing the brand new sexy 3d interface and avatars a long with other cool things like the live gaming show channels and a bunch of other cool new things.

RPG-TV got a bit of a briefing from Microsoft UK on the Xbox Live Experience and they got the inside word that the Fall Update would be coming out in November, go figure in Fall ;). With as enormous as this update is it would definitely have been possible for them to have rolled it into a Christmas release, but hey knowing that it’s going to hit in November like the other releases in the past for the 360, either way it’s a great time to be a 360 owner. The only question I have now is whether the update will finally bring with it the full XNA experience they have been hinting at with the rating system and downloading of all those awesome games we’ve seen floating around.

Source: RPG-TV

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