Apple preparing 32GB iPhone and at-home integration comeback?

8-19-08-iphone_3g Well it looks like the Apple rumor wheels are spinning one again, this time their are a growing number of whispers that 32gb iPhone’s will be gracing the top-end iPhone package. One of the biggest indicators that this is coming is the fact that the 8GB inventory is beginning to dry up without being replaced, you know the whole shift of memory size. All I know is that those 8gb people probably will be just as pissed as the people who originally got the 4gb version right before it got dropped.

One thing that is a bit strange is the fact this would happen right after the Let’s Rock iPod event and the fact the ipods are getting restructured in response to all the Zune news. AppleInsider even goes as far to say that Apple is also preparing to go back to in-home activation but thats still a pretty much baseless rumor because their aren’t even hints at it, well besides the fact that dropping in-home activation did absolutely nothing to stem third party cracking and distribution networks.

Source: Engadget

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