If only mockups were real life products, or rumors… Widescreen DS soon?


If theirs one good thing Nintendo is great at it’s releasing products that millions of people fawn over and die to own. On the other hand if theirs something gadget geeks love to do is talk rumors and make up fake mockups of products they wish they could have. Well If IGN has anything to say on the way of rumors their just might be something on the way in the way of something much greater than a simple few new DS Lite colors.

The above is a mockup of what is believed by IGN to be what we might be expecting from Nintendo in the way of the third revision of Nintendo DS’s. Said to feature a widescreen quality LCD, and this time both screens will be touchscreen. Then again as Engadget pointed out, it sounds like more of a Second Generation DS than a new revision. Then again IGN’s rumor also says a April/May 2009 release date is what we’re looking at might not be logical, unless its been in development in secret for a while, or it really is just the same DS with a widescreen LCD on top.

Source: Engadget

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