Intel360 :) Intel courting Microsoft for XboxNext


Well some industry insiders are having some interesting thoughts considering Intel might be courting Microsoft for the Next Xbox360. Microsoft is already developing the next xbox in fact they have been for a very long time kind of right after the xbox360 was released. We’ve known for a while already that Microsoft Research has been toiling away at the next CPU for the next xbox project. But the question has been what will they do for the GPU.

They’ve worked with NVIDIA and ATI… but theirs another player in the market Intel… and their apparently very anxious to push usage of their Larrabee GPU into the market in as wide a deployment as possible. What it basically comes down to is the more consoles and pc’s that have a chip the more developers will specifically target that platform and be able to fully take advantage of it best. By pushing it out to millions of PC’s and tens of millions of every “xbox720” they would basically push the developers hands to cater to the Larabee and make it the #1 next gen GPU platform.

Intel REALLY wants this done so much that the rumors go as far to say that Intel is willing to sign over the rights so Microsoft can have the GPU made by their own manufacturer which is the reason they went with ATI this generation. On top of that the rumor also goes as far as saying they will do the leg work and calculations on the thermal design for the next box so that we don’t have have another over heading issue as the first 360’s had.

Like watching picture frames in a mirror theirs a reflection of the deal over at Sony with Intel trying to hedge its bets, but I can almost guarantee if it comes to Microsoft choosing Larabee it will most likely be a modified expanded Larrabee for the 360 and a definite exclusive deal to block Sony. For Intel it’s basically get the console deal or bust, with Nvidia and ATI being such heavy players in the console market and games going to console before PC they are the targeted platforms and Intel gets left out in the dust. If Intel can land the Xbox/PS deal they would guarantee a decent update and developer uptake on Larrabee and set the way for Larrabee 2

Source: TheInquirer

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