DARPA’s latest release stops internal bleeding, with … SOUND

You know DARPA’s probably the most awesome R&D groups ever to grace the world and to top everything off their concept’s sound like their all from the best of science fiction movies. From nano-airplanes to robotic arms and even super high resolution sniper scopes their’s always something ever increasingly interesting I think the only thing we haven’t heard them researching are weight loss pills. But the big news this week is DARPA’s latest concept called the DBAC device, short for Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation. The system basically is a portable ultrasound in a wrap that is wrapped around the internal would. It uses Doppler waves to find an internal leak that then turns up the frequency and amplitude on the location to stem the bleeding and reduce the severity.


The idea is that the entire device as you can see above would be in a tight little package with lots of soldiers so it could be deployed to stop gunshots and other wounds received during battle in the field. But this isn’t their remote-controlled zombie shark, oh no this is coming very soon in fact DARPA says they believe they will have a live functional prototype ready for 18 months. Which really is great news if it works like it is designed to with the possiblity to save thousands of lives and limbs.

Source: CNET News

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