GPS and the train track of doom

gps-crash-09-30-08 When it comes down to the latest in auto parts the one that I think has proven that technology is sometimes not the best thing for everyone. Most people when driving especially with the help of a GPS system still pay attention tow hats in front of them and whats going on around their car. But once again in something you probably would think to only see in the darwin awards a persons unfeathered faith in their GPS and undeniable stupidity turned onto the same railroad tracks that a GPS previously led a driver onto causing a massive accident a year ago. While the man as The Journal News reports did manage to get out of his car in time after following his GPS onto the railroad tracks to the point he had to call 911.

Of course the call to 911 was not enough to stop the commuter train from slamming straight into his car within a few minutes causing over an hour delay luckily though their weren’t any injurys besides the guys car of course. Engadget suggested that it might be time for some signs, but the fact of the matter is that wouldn’t help. People would ignore the signs still and follow their GPS because people seem to have this undeniable trust that all electronic devices are 100% accurate, their the same people that open spam and believe that that email really was from microsoft that they will be millionares if they forward it on, signs isn’t what we need, we need a required gadget and technology bootcamp before any person is aloud to use a gadget!

Source: Engadget

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