Tesla unveils another ultra sexy car, this time a Sedan!


We knew for a while that the next Tesla car was on the way to follow up their already bad ass sports car we even knew it was a Sedan that was going to follow up. Well it looks like we finally have some breaking news on that front, and all I can say is a picture is worth a thousand words. The Model S is all electric just like the sportster but it also seats five passengers. The platform the car drives on just like the sportster is completely designed by Tesla.

Just like the sportster it’s possible that these early pictures will change somewhat before they go to manufacturing. Road & Track has a good track record of releases like this, so chances are at this stage the Model S does in fact look like this and it definitely looks good. On the good side though Tesla does have a good habit of keeping their early and release pictures pretty close they proved that with their awesome  sportster. I suppose the only thing I want is for Tesla to expand their small business franchise to the Caribbean so that maybe once I get enough cash  I can get one as well. And considering the 100,000$ to 200,000$ price for the sportster was a bit out of my price range, the fact that the 240 mile per charge, zero to sixty in 6 second speed that this awesome Sedan is rumored to be coming at $60,000 base price makes it A LOT more appealing to middle class Americans.

Source: Road & Track

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