When electric motorcycles became affordable, the GPR-S e-motorcycle

Last year and pretty much for all time before that motorcycles have remained a gas vehicle with only DIY and of course the $15,000 100MPH, 100 mile range prototype that Electric Motorsport’s showed last year that was pretty well out of the range of just about every person who would really want a  Mid-Performance motorcycle that also has a eco-friendly electric demanding habit.

electric-motorsport-gpr-s Oh how one year can change things, Electric Motorsport is back with a slightly less performance tuned version, but at a much more palpable price, as in a price that I can actually see people willing to spend. Hell I know people with insurance that’s almost more than the new GPR-S is going to be selling for… OK that’s an overstatement ;) But still it’s a lot better coming in at $8,000. Their is a slight draw back due to the price reduction namely both the top speed and range have been greatly reduced but are definitely still understandable for a short commuter at 60-70 MPH with a range of 35-60 mile range. These reductions should also hopefully allow it to fit into a better car insurance bracket especially if things like speed and the fact it’s electric are taken into account.

The bike can charge in four hours but apparently Electric Motorsport’s will also be selling an optional speed charger that will allow it to be charged in 1.5 hours. Even better is the fact that the bike has ben built to be modular so that the power system can be swapped out with as little hassle as is possible. So far only 25 of the bikes have been sold and they are up and running ready to sell them in volume shipments that is something alone that is a surprising feat to have managed.

Source: Wired

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