Your keys are no longer safe, if they ever were

eavesdropper-1 Well theirs been little USB keyloggers, and software solutions for stealing, well that was truly the past as the entire keyboard snooping has evolved to a whole new level. Imagine a tiny wireless device that can sniff out the keystrokes without even having to be in contact with the keyboard. Well the Security and Cryptography Lab at Switzerland’s EPFL finally managed to eavesdrop on the tiny electromagnetic radiation that gets shot off every time a keystroke is struck on those crappy wireless keyboards.

In total their are 4 attacks that are used to listen in one of which was an old previously published method to breaking the vulnerability open for exploitation. In total eleven keyboards were cracked ranging from 2001 to present with both PS2, USB and even lapboard keyboards falling for at least one of the methods. No this would be interesting if it was a tiny pda sitting next to the pc or near a KVM or something of that nature, but these hacks were so much more. Able to work through walls, up to 65 feet away and analyzing a wide swath of the electromagnetic spectrum to get all of the results. With wireless keyboards already being hacked in their own ways, and many people that are highly security conscious sticking to wired keyboards it seems the only way to keep your hotmail password truly secure is to type it in while locked inside fort knox.

Source: Engadget

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