Panasonic’s 11 Series brings German craftsmanship


Ok so it’s not Panasonic’s brain melting 150 inch Moniter display that’s making news today, it’s not even their tru2way-enabled sets but the Panasonic 11 is still worth a look. Today in Germany the home of those awesome Seiko watches the new line of products starts with the 42 and 50 inch TH-42PH11EK/ES/TH-50PG11EK/ES coming in with 1024×768 and 1366×768 resolution respectively. Which to me just really isn’t that impressive things spice up a bit when we get to the TH42PF11EK/TH50PF11EK/ TH58PF11EK and TH-65PF11EK all of which offer a much more impressive Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio.

The odd bit of information is that while all of the hardware except the 58 inch and above are available now they are available “for an undisclosed amount”. The rest of the screens will be following in December for you guessed it for an undisclosed amount once again.

Source: Macrush

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