The XNA development roster is growing… oh ya baby More Indie!


When I said more Indie a few of my friends kind of cringe at the thought of another Indiana Jones flick. Well this time more indie is a great thing because I’m referring to more Indie game development! With the release of the New Xbox Experience out and behind Redmond and with the first wave of indie developed titles now available in the Community Games channel, which may I take this time to say quite a few of them are FRIGGING AWESOME, and those are launch day indie titles!

Well apparently Microsoft wasn’t lying when they said they wanted to expand the reach of the Xbox and the XNA framework for indie developers. You see originally the XNA Development was confined to the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Spain and over in the Nordic areas (like Denmark and Iceland etc) Well That all sounds great but their are a huge number of countries in the bottom half of the world that don’t have access.

Come December 15th that’s going to change, now while Japan and China I haven’t seen on the list so god knows when we’ll see a great indie chinese kung foo fat burners game or some other insane idea, the fact is that December 15th will see XNA expanding into Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. I can only guess at this point but considering that the NXE is out and they can readily update that whenever they want we can pretty much be assured that Microsoft will start releasing both updates and expanding the marketplace a good bit over the coming year. I just hope we see new things like the photo channel at a better rate than Vista users saw new ultimate add-ons :S

Source: TeamXbox

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