30gb Zunes failing everyone, all at the same time Y2K9 – 1day?

494x_zunefail Ok here’s something very odd and upsetting, it appears that the 30GB Zunes namely the ones with the latest firmwares are having some serious issues namely they all stopped working around 2am December 31st 2008. Some where on some where docked, others were rebooted and now when they reach the loading screen and the bar is filled that’s the end of it it just sticks right their. You might as well go take your best diet pill and wait to loose some weight or maybe go count the stars cause it’s not going any further from what we can see.

As it’s still very early in the morning and most of Microsoft is still sleeping or hasn’t reached work yet theirs no official word or a solution to get the Zune fixed. But knowing Microsoft and how they helped the Xbox360 customers who had issues it might be interesting to see how fast and just how exactly they solve this new Zune issue. It really makes me wonder what’s going on with Microsoft’s hardware division, they make great software but they keep letting these single bugs slip in that end up being huge disasters. I

Luckily the new second generation Zune’s are still all functioning properly, but then again it doesn’t exactly speak of peoples assurance in Microsoft hardware and it’s definitely going to hurt Microsoft hardware fans trust. I mean the zune forums are all full of people saying basically what you’ve read above. Theirs much speculation that this might be part of the Y2K9 issue (a derivative of the whole Y2K bug fiasco that scared the world) The only issue with this theory is that if it was an issue with the internal clock flipping to 2009, it would be tomorrow not today, I mean at this point today is the 31st of 2008 not 2009.

Source: Zune Boards

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