Apple rumored to be launching a iPod Touch HD next fall.


Well here’s something a bit interesting out of TechCrunch, Apple says that they have information from 3 reliable sources that are said to be close to apple have said that Apple is developing a sort of Giant iPod Touch device with a  seven to nine inch screen.

What this basically works out to is a a sort of Tablet running the iPod Touch software. It’s not a full fledged MacBook tablet as was hoped it’s basically a supped up larger iPod Touch. The original rumor of this actually came back in October when someone spotted an Apple product that had a display between the size of an iPhone and a MacBook that was spotted surfing the internet.

The fact the device would have the AppStore built in will make it quite the little piece of hardware if the product comes to light. It will be interesting to see how it will be able to compete against the NetBook market. As that’s where it seems to be targeting, I mean the Linux NetBooks were basically designed to target email and surfing. So perhaps it won’t beat out a Dual Core Windows XP NetBook but the Linux surfing/email netbooks may have a hard time giving a reason to buy it especially if apple can manage to keep costs respectable, read under $500. If they can the AppStore access bigger screen, could see it useful for everything from an eBook reader to POS systems and pretty much everything in between.

TechCrunch doesn’t go as far to guarantee that it will happen according to their sources, as they could easily scrap it and with Apple things like this are always secret until the moment before their announced even if only in a grainy crappy photo.

Source: Gizmodo

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