Cell Phone based voting is coming, just not to the US go figure!


You know just about everything the world has the US gets years later if ever. Well it seems that the time honored democratic tradition of voting that the USA trumpets so loudly and that I love, even though we can’t seem to even get the standard digital voting booths to work and remain secure somehow Estonia a country I’m sure many people haven’t heard of (but have lovely ladies as you see from gizmodo’s image to the left) is going to be not only able to vote on-site in digital booths, but also online, and even further via CELL PHONE!.

You read that right Estonia to be followed at a later date if all goes well by Sweden and Finland will start distributing free authorized chips with an encrypted digital signature that they will be able to use to cast their votes in a secure way! Hell you give the US cell phone based voting and i guarantee that both voting registration and participation will go through the roof and make even this years primary look like low turnout. But then again beyond SMS voting for TV show stars we can’t do much more I mean hell i doubt even auto insurance quotes can be done by SMS yet. If your wondering won’t it just flop i mean the US tried basic digital voting and it didn’t work out well, digital ID card based voting was done in 2007 in Estonia and went across smashingly.

I suppose it just goes to show what happens when decent systems aren’t wrapped up in Washington red tape and they trust companies that know what their doing instead of the ones that lobby the most. The company handling things SK Certification Center says that the chips maintain the systems security and while no system is 100% secure even the paper ballets it’s a great move towards the digital age and digital government I’m just sad it didn’t happen in the US first.

I mean we can have 50 million people vote for American idol via phone but not our president, some may critique the turn out of American idol as how the system can be twisted… but then again for the people trumpeting standard ballets… all I need do is point to President Bush as proof that no matter the type of ballet idiots still get elected.

Source & Awesome Image from Gizmodo

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