Fastest skydiving SMS writer, this is a world record wtf?

samsungskydive3 Samsung is setting a world record for … wait for it, fastest text messaging while skydiving! Ok while it sounds awesome as it has to do with skydiving but come on what kind of award is texting speed while falling from 10’s of thousand of feet in the sky. Personally I’m more concerned with the guys pulling this stunt slamming into steel buildings or you know power lines and stuff.

Apparently it’s more a stunt than anything else the fact they equipped the team with a Samsung Propel, Alias, Gravity, Rant and Messenger and went through 2 jumps texting like lightning as fast as they can on them to see if these news are somehow faster than any other skydiving text phone ever. But it begs me to ask the question would this really be a show of how awesome their phones are or is it more showing off how awesome the skydivers can text. Theres no results yet as the Guiness World Record people are currently breaking down the video footage to see if the record was broken.

Source: SamsungMobile News

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