HP getting ready to offer Mac compatible HomeServer

Yes you read it right the home servers have been a major awesome product since Microsoft released them but a major drawback was that they didn’t support time machine for those mac users out their. Well not anymore if the new HP Media Server is to be believed as it’s boasting some great specs at a really low cost.

HP MediaSmart Server ex485and ex487 (750GB & 1.5TB) for Mac and Windows users. It apparently will live happily with mac and windows users and will even support sharing a iTunes library for those people that fancy their itunes musac. For those weird music players, you know like the iphone, and ipod touch etc ;) It’s great to see the WHS environment progressing especially when its going on sale for under $600. Only draw back i can see is that this is the current release of WHS and not the fancy new version thats coming in 2009 or at least they don’t say its a new version of the OS included.

Source: MacMod

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