Uh oh Google Street View team records something naughty again… a Porsche?


Ok now if the Porsche guys were like the mafia then Google Street View team would really be looking for a Chicago injury lawyer because they’re just getting all up in Porsche’s secret business goings on.  I mean a while back it was big news when we discovered that the street view cameras had mistakenly recorded some guy pissing in public behind a car (but blurred his face, thanks Google privacy). Well it looks like Google’s privacy filters missed something else, this time it’s Porsche’s next generation cars that seem to have had their privacy erased. The picture seen above shows several updated cars pre-covering namely “Boxters, Caymans and even the 911″”.

I mean if a Google street view truck can drive by a secret set of pre-release cars and just record them and publish them for EVERYONE to see. It really makes you wonder if that privacy filter that blurs faces is really enough to actually be considered “Privacy”. I mean if it can catch half naked people, and secret projects it’s odd… really makes me wonder how long it will be until Street View takes a drive through the Mojave Desert, i hear theirs an interesting airstrip down their that might be interesting to grab some pictures of.

Source: Garage 419

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