$40,000 for a computer chair… ok An Emperor Workstation :)


First thanks Gizmodo for the Image as I hunted all over NovelQuest’s website and can’t find any wicked images that show this baby off like the awesome picture above. What would you guys drop $40,000 on? Maybe a nice Lexus, or a Large down payment on a house… Na we’re computer guru’s and none of that would help in our countless hours of blogging or … well… World of Warcraft ;). I know what your thinking $40,000 is a lot of money to spend let alone on a glorified chair / computer desk.

Well this is no where near your regular computer chair, this is the Emperor Workstation by NovelQuest. This baby has 3 screens with more real estate than some of those quite large digital signage screens that you get excited when you see adverts flashing on in public. But this thing goes much further sporting the ability to tilt hydraulically, rotate 360 degrees, a full THX 5.1 surround sound with a subwoofer in the seat itself. But no that’s not enough, this thing’s got touch screen controls, light therapy, air filtration, adjustable seating, a full 3 hours of backup battery power to keep the entire chair running without a power source. Of course it also has all the basic’s like your iPod/iPhone dock, microphone, webcam, card reader, USB, eSata and Firewire ports as well as a Cable TV input. Basically you could get into this chair and pretty much never leave again, well as long as you use voip to order your dominos.

Source: Gizmodo

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