Custom Resident Evil 5 Xbox360 bundle on the way?

re_5_xbox Here’s something exciting for every Xbox fan/Resident Evil lover. The upcoming blockbuster RE5 may just have something awesome in store for those of you looking for a wicked bundle. The boys over at Arstechnica you know the awesome site that well gets a lot of rumors right apparently has a gaming related source that has some information on a Resident Evil 5 themed Xbox360 set to come to market.

This won’t be a game shoved in a box with a picture on the box, no apparently the rumor is that the xbox360 RE5 bundle will come with a  custom Red Xbox360 Premium, Red Remote, of course a copy of Resident Evil 5 as well as a full on Premium NXE Resident Evil 5 theme, and as an odd bonus Super Street Fighter Turbo HD code for download. As it stands the entire thing is a rumor, and it all seems very exciting hell I want a red Xbox360! And I’ve been considering buying a new one for my bedroom anyway :)

Source: Engadget

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