The move to WordPress

Well after fighting it for a very long time we’ve decided to move to wordpress and as you can see it’s just launched, things may be a little bit hit and miss at the start as we’re busy relaunching, we’re hoping to maintain 100% link compatability with our old link structure. As you know the old way of permalinks were really really nasty so the fact that we’re making this move is going to be a bit difficult as we’ve got a few thousand pages that all need to seemlessly transfer over.

Our fear is that we’ll loose PageRank or we’ll loose our indexing power in google, but due to the fact that only 1/2 our pages were getting indexed, and the tremendous number of plugins and third-party wordpress support we felt it was time to move to WordPress, not because it’s PHP, no I still love my ASP.NET as you’ll see on all my other sites, but the fact is we needed to move to a platform with the wide range of third party plugin support, and WordPress just has this part of the market cornered.

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One Response to The move to WordPress

  1. Chris Chance says:

    After posting this I recalled that we weren’t really switched over yet so I figured that I would post a comment just so that if anyone does bump into this post to know it was more a test of the engine than a full on first post of the new engine :)