Aptera 2e gets taken for a test drive

aptera-2e-02-13-09 You know those awesome cars we saw that were so different and advanced looking they were awesome to read in the future “what’s coming in the future” magazines back in the day. Well we’re still driving albeit nice looking hybrid cars at best but nothing really advanced looking has actually come to market.

The Aperta is the first of those cars to actually start coming to market, a large departure from traditional car form and a major leap forward in just about everything inside as well. This baby’s full electric and space age looking, in a bit of a surprise Road & Track Magazine has managed to talk their way into a full test drive. Besides them noticing that this car definitely turns heads (in a good way in the way i would imagine). The car isn’t a speed demon but they did mention that due to it’s go-kart style handling and large windshields it makes the pavement easy to see which makes it seem like your moving a lot faster than you really are moving.

R&T Magazine also said that the gull wing doors will take some getting used to for those that aren’t used to them which most people won’t be. While the car is surprisingly small the inside is very roomy. While this is a major move towards seeing this parked in front of your house or say… in front of some luxury hotel rooms. The fact that it’s on the streets being test driven by magazines is definitely a step towards us actually getting our hands on it and driving one home from the distributor.

Source: Road and Track

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