What bad economy, 20k AT&T workers go on strike!?!

attlogoOk this I definitely did not see coming in my crystal ball, where companies around the world are shedding thousands of jobs at a time and cutting entire divisions (hell i Just posted about Pioneer not making televisions anymore!), in a bit of an odd turn of events Communications Workers of America which has been working on behalf of 20,000 workers with AT&T Mobility to rework their contracts has just gone ahead and authorized the entire 20,000 workers to strike and it could happen quite soon. The vote has taken place and apparently if the negotiations with AT&T doesn’t start to improve and progress we may see those 20,000 on picket lines or staying home.

As it stands now the union won’t start the strike until it gets final approval from the union’s executive board and the president of the union sets an actual date for the strike. AT&T stands by that it maintains a good relationship with the unions for its workers. In fact more of AT&T’s workers are unionized than any other carrier in the US, they shrug the vote off as basically just part of the negotiations progress. From the look of things the union won’t be happy with some promotional pens as a bonus for their workers, as their contracts expired and they wouldn’t be going through the entire big negotiations if it wasn’t for something big. The scary part is that they say their ready for all possibilities including the possibility that the 20,000 workers could go on strike. Personally I think poking the big corporate giants with a stick in this hard economic time isn’t the best idea, I mean even if your contract is expiring this week, most people are fighting to keep a job not bitching about the deal they got or the contract their stuck with.

But that’s just my 2 cents, I mean really I find the concept of 20,000 people getting their contracts all negotiated for together is odd, i mean aren’t we in a performance based world, shouldn’t each of those 20,000 people be evaluated on their own merits?

Source: RCRWireless

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