Killzone 2, ok it made me want a PS3 for the first time :)


Ok now I won’t go so far to say I’m actually going to get a PS3 because no single game is enough to push me to get a console especially the priceyplaystation 3 when all of the games I love are on the 360. But Killzone 2 really does make me itch to spend some money, I truly wish they would have gone multiplatform with it. It’s definitely not a 10/10 as it’s got some definite bits that annoy me, the turning speed feels sluggish. I mean the graphics are amazing but certain things aren’t balanced properly. I mean running for some reason is like your a super human but you turn 180degrees about as fast as if you were 300lbs even with the sensitivity cranked up to 11.

I haven’t been able to play the whole game yet only beta and demo so I know the multiplayer will rock, but I’ve heard from others that the story is quite flat which might not bug many, but the fact that their isn’t any coop kind of pisses me off after all the great games to be released recently that all with that “bring a friend in” feeling.

Here’s where the whole PS3 vs 360 debate comes into play it comes down to the little things that make Killzone stand out from other games and give it that “awesome game” feeling. Very well tuned post processing filters are probably the #1 feature, but its the insane detail they went through to make things realistic and it all works around weight, everything’s mass feels real, shots and impacts have realistic impacts to the bodies movements. When you stop moving your body shifts forward to a stop the gun swings as you turn and as you stop turning. The deaths and impacts just make things rock. Most will say it’s the PS3 power that gives the game this ability, but not really it’s all about choices that the developers made and mostly to due with the VERY long development time that allowed them to really fine tune everything.

Whatever the case this generation I think the only thing thats for sure is that most people will probably end up with both a PS3 and a xbox360 because both sides have some awesome games. And even the AAA titles that make the consoles who they are will have their big pluses and nagging minuses.

If i had to I’d give Killzone a 9/10 based on what I know and have seen from the demo and beta multiplayer. And i’m giving it the benefit of the doubt that the rest of the final game will continue on with how the previous release were.

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